Marketing names announced for six new plants

Phygelius Croftway Snow QueenSeveral plants in the PFE portfolio that have, until now, been known only by working names have now been given their final marketing names by their breeders. We’ll be writing to everyone that is growing these plants in the next few days to give you the latest information (if we haven’t done so already), but in the meantime, here is a list of the newly-named plants:

  • Geranium pratense “double white”
    – now named Geranium pratense Laura in honour of the breeder’s mother
  • Phygelius “Coral Prince”
    – now named Phygelius Croftway Coral Princess
  • Phygelius “Firebrand”
    – now named Phygelius Croftway Red Emperor
  • Phygelius “Purple Prince”
    – now named Phygelius Croftway Purple Prince
  • Phygelius “Richer Yellow”
    – now named Phygelius Croftway Yellow Sovereign
  • Phygelius “Snow Queen”
    – now named Phygelius Croftway Snow Queen
    (illustrated right)

Readers should also note that, in the case of the Phygelius, it is the breeder’s intention to apply for European and United States trademark protection for the name “Croftway”. Further information on this aspect of the plants’ names shall be published here as it becomes available.

The Phygelius are being launched worldwide this year. For details of sources, please contact us. The licenced propagators in Europe are:

  • Minier (FR)
  • Jungpflanzen Grünewald (DE)

PFE announces two new plants in portfolio

PFE is proud to announce the addition of two new plants to our portfolio.

Dianthus Red DevilThe first (alphabetically) is an exciting new Dianthus variety, Dianthus gratianopolitanus Red Devil (illustrated right).

Red Devil is a sport of the popular variety Feuerhexe (also known as Fire Witch) which will be Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year 2006. It shares many features with Feuerhexe, including attractive steely grey evergreen foliage and a neat compact habit (growing to around 15cm or 6 inches). It is a free flowering plant with rich deep red clove-scented flowers. The main flower display is in spring and early summer but with repeat flowering in late summer and autumn.

Propagation is easy from cuttings, and this makes a fine plant for impulse sales in pot sizes from 10cm to 1.5 litre.

Test material will be available later this year, from June onwards. In the meantime, a specimen plant is being grown at PFE headquarters and may be viewed by appointment.

Gaillardia Summers KissThe second plant is Gaillardia Summers Kiss (illustrated right).

This plant, already popular in the United States (where it is protected by Plant Patent), originated in a batch of seedlings of Gaillardia Goblin. It has similar growth habits to its parent, with a low-growing, compact and upright habit. It is free flowering, displaying its large daisy-like flowers from mid-summer into autumn. The flowers open pink-orange and age to melon giving an overall peach-apricot effect.

Summers Kiss is an easy to grow plant, propagated by cuttings. It makes an excellent plant for the border or for container planting, and will make a good impulse purchase item for later in the season in 1 litre or 2 litre pots.

Test material is available now – contact us for more details. A specimen plant will also be added to the collection at PFE headquarters and may be viewed by appointment from mid summer.