PFE takes over management of Phlox Becky Towe in Europe

Phlox paniculata Becky ToweWith effect from January 1st 2006, PFE will be the sole European agent for Phlox paniculata Becky Towe. Breeder’s agent arrangements in all other territories remain unchanged.

Becky Towe is a brightly variegated and vigorous Phlox variety. The leaves display a stable broad margin of golden yellow (becoming paler later in the year). The flowers are fresh salmon carmine pink and are scented. Becky Towe also displays improved mildew-resistance when compared to other cultivars.

Becky Towe is subject to EU PVR (CPVO file number 19991579). It is also protected by US Plant Patent (number 12,908). Propagation without a licence is illegal.

PFE will be writing to existing licensees in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, any growers interested in test plants or licence details should contact us.