EU PVR application filed for Gaillardia Summers Kiss

Gaillardia Summers Kiss

The EU Plant Variety Rights application for Gaillardia Summers Kiss has now been filed.

The CPVO file number is 20061179. The application date is 23 May 2006.

Under EU law, a pending application for PVR affords the same protection to the breeder as if it had been granted. Therefore, we wish to remind growers that propagation and sale without a licence is prohibited.


Summers Kiss is a splendid, free-flowering perennial that flowers in the first year from cuttings. It makes an excellent impulse plant and can be used in containers or in the border. Full details can be found here.


We now have test plants of Gaillardia Summers Kiss available for growers who wish to conduct production trials for this variety. If you are interested in receiving test plants, please contact us.