Protection status news

Three items of news relating to the protection status of PFE portfolio plants:

  • Ajuga Black Scallop – the Japanese PVR application has been filed under the name Ajuga BINBLASCA. The application date is 17 April 2006 and the file number 19667.
  • Cytisus Amber Elf – the EU PVR has been granted for Amber Elf on 22 May 2006. The grant number is EU17546.
  • Oenothera speciosa Twilight – the US Plant Patent has been allowed under the name Oenothera TURNER01. We await allocation of a patent number.

New UK PBR fees

New fees for UK Plant Breeder’s Rights become effective on 1st September 2006. Full details can be found by clicking here (PDF file – Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

PFE would, in general, not normally recommend that a breeder takes out PBR/PVR for the UK alone, but should apply for EU rights (which PFE can do on the breeder’s behalf and in the breeder’s name). This recommendation is reinforced by the fact that, under the new fees in the UK and Europe, UK rights cost £1550 whereas EU rights, valid across all twenty-five member nations, cost only €2100 plus a €200 annual renewal fee (equivalent at today’s exchange rate: £1450 plus £140). Note: these are estimated figures based on a single cycle of DUS testing.

UK rights are really only useful where sales in other EU nations preclude an application for EU rights but where no sales have been made in the UK.

EU PVR granted for Oenothera speciosa Twilight

Oenothera TwilightStar Nurseries Limited, owner of Oenothera speciosa Twilight, has been granted EU Plant Variety Rights for this variety.

The variety is registered under the denomination TURNER01. The grant number is EU17785. The CPVO file number is 20041111.

The application was handled by Plants For Europe Limited, who also act as the breeder’s head agent for the whole world. PFE is currently seeking more licensees for this variety, so if you are interested in receiving test plants for trials, please contact us today.