Walking for charity

On May 10th, Hels and I will walk 20 kilometers (that’s nearly 13 miles if you work in "old money") along the South Downs as part of the Just Walk fundraising event. We have nominated the Parkinson’s Disease Society as the beneficiary of our efforts, but it will all be for nothing unless you and anyone you know digs deep and sponsors us!

We would really appreciate it if you sponsor us for as much as you can afford. Every penny you give will go to the PDS (minus a tiny bit for credit card handling) and, if you are a UK taxpayer, a further 28% in Gift Aid.

You can give your money online (and it will be passed directly to the PDS) by visiting our page at the Just Giving website.

Thank you for your support – we really are grateful. And wish us good luck (and fine weather!) for the day!