Netherlands trip

Graham will be visiting growers and breeders in the Netherlands from 1 to 3 April inclusive. Please email now if you think he should visit you on this trip.

CPVO and Taiwanese authorities sign agreement

It’s interesting to see that the CPVO is happy to work with nations outside of UPOV. Taiwan is currently not a member, but judging by this Taiwan News article, the CPVO has a dialogue with them. Reading between the lines of this article, it seems that the Taiwanese authorities and the CPVO have agreed to mutually recognise each other’s DUS examination reports for orchids. I’m hoping that this will be extended to other species, as Taiwan is potentially a useful market for other genera such as Azalea, Chrysanthemum, Asteraceae in general and Hibiscus, all of which are being worked on by PFE’s breeder clients.

Temporary partial disablement

The above phrase is that used by my insurers to describe what I have done to myself! Unfortunately, on the way home from Salon du Vegetal last month, I had a fall on some stone steps in St. Malo and injured my left foot and leg. The doctors tell me that I should be getting back to normal very soon, although I’m not permitted to drive just at the moment.

So, please accept my apologies if you were expecting a visit. Yes, I have been sitting with my feet up, drinking tea, but not through choice!