PFE celebrates birthday and three new granted EU PVRs

PFE will celebrate its seventh birthday next Friday, 12th February. In that time, the business has developed from small beginnings to become the best independent plant breeders’ agent operating in Europe, looking after a huge range of plants from patio and balcony plants, through perennials, to a growing range of shrubs. More breeders are trusting us with their plants all the time and growers now come to PFE as a source of exciting new varieties to enliven their product range and differentiate them from the competition.

PFE has also gained much experience in prosecuting applications for European Plant Variety Rights on behalf of breeders, exemplified by three grants of EU PVR issued this month. Solidago DANSOLITLEM (Little Lemon) bred by Gabriel Danziger of Israel and Ajuga BINPARCOL (Party Colours) and BINSUGPLU (Sugar Plum), both bred by Mike Tristram of Binsted Nursery, UK, have all been granted PVR. The last two cases were both complex applications involving variegated plants that display intricate patterns of leaf colouring that required extended submissions of information to and dialogue with the Community Plant Variety Office – a process which leaves PFE well equipped to handle future applications for variegated plants, an area that can be difficult for the inexperienced.