A long list of new EU PVRs granted

We have been busy – we have a whole list of new EU Plant Variety Rights granted in the last few weeks:

  • Hebe TULLYRASPB – Raspberry Ripple
  • Hebe TULLYSTRAW – Strawberries and Cream
  • Lavandula stoechas WITH LOVE
  • Nemesia FLEURPDBLU – Provencal Dusky Blue
  • Nemesia FLEURPDPNK – Provencal Dusky Pink
  • Nemesia FLEURRAS – Raspberries and Cream
  • Nemesia CONFETTI FROSTED PINK – also known as Jubilee
  • Prunella BINSUMDAZ – Summer Daze
  • Zantedeschia aethiopica SNOW WHITE

That’s a 100% record – we filed nine applications and all nine were granted, including one variegated plant (which are always more tricky).

If we can help you with your application for EU Plant Variety Rights, contact us today. We offer two services – either full representation service, acting as your agent for trials, licensing, policing, marketing and more or we can simply act as your procedural representative for PVR filing only. Ask us for details.

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