Week 24 Flower Trials

Graham will be at the Week 24 Flower Trials next week. You’d be silly not to be there! His itinerary looks something like this:

  • Tuesday: Hendrik ido Ambacht
  • Wednesday: Westland
  • Wednesday afternoon: Hillegom
  • Thursday morning: Honselersdijk
  • Thursday afternoon: Aalsmeer
  • Friday morning: Düsseldorf area
  • Friday afternoon: Gensingen

If you would like to meet up with Graham, then contact us directly. His diary is very full, but there are a few gaps available for meeting growers and breeders.

The Flower Trials are one of the most most important events in the horticultural world now. Several varieties managed by PFE will be on display there, so be sure to take your camera and notebook!

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