IPM Essen

Plans are well advanced for IPM Essen 2011. IPM remains one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) and most important events in our field of horticulture, with participants from all the major and most smaller companies from across Europe and around the world. Graham will be at the event for the whole duration of the show, from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 January. Naturally, he would like to meet with as many people as possible during the show, so please contact us now to make an appointment.

EDIT: Tuesday now looks pretty full; Wednesday and Thursday are filling fast! Act now to make an appointment!

Members of the LinkedIn Plant Breeders and Agents Group are reminded that there will be a networking event for members in the Saal Rheinland meeting room at Messe Essen on Tuesday 25 January, starting at 4.30pm.

Adverse weather

We are currently experiencing severe adverse weather. 30cm of snow has already accumulated and more is falling.

We have canceled all meetings, as the roads in this area are virtually impassable. We have also not received any service from Royal Mail for several days, so we have no mail going in or out.

A thaw is expected on Sunday, so we hope that conditions will improve soon. But it is very pretty!


UPDATE: the promised thaw has arrived.