Growers reminded that new Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow protected by Plant Variety Rights

Plants For Europe has today issued a press release and written to growers around Europe to remind them that Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow is protected by Plant Variety Rights. The text of the press release is as follows (you can also download the press release by clicking here):


Plants For Europe Limited, the independent plant breeders’ agent, is taking steps to remind growers that Euphorbia martinii Ascot Rainbow is protected by European Plant Variety Rights.

Graham Spencer, director of Plants For Europe, said “We are concerned that there are plants in the trade that are not carrying PVR information, either on the label, on delivery notes or in catalogues/websites. We wish to gain the support of growers and retailers to ensure that all plants are correctly marked, in accordance with current regulations.”

“We will be writing to all licensed growers of this plant as well as their customers to ensure that this message is understood.”

The Plant Variety Rights are the property of the breeder of Ascot Rainbow, David Glenn. The rights allow Mr Glenn, through his agent Plants For Europe, to control the propagation, marketing, sale, distribution and import/export of Ascot Rainbow. Growers and retailers found to be handling unlicensed product will be subject to legal action by the breeder and agent.

Ascot Rainbow is a stunning new introduction that has proven to be amazingly popular with growers and gardeners alike. It offers handsome brightly variegated foliage that is attractive through the year. It is hardy and easy to grow, making a compact and bushy plant.

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