Press coverage for breeders

Plants For Europe works hard to obtain press coverage for our breeders and plants, taking care to ensure that such coverage is timely to ensure the maximum yield for improved sales. This can be done by means of press releases, interviews and paid-for content, depending on the circumstances.

As an example, we are currently entering the peak sales season in the UK for Nemesia. To help boost the profile of varieties under our management, PFE has worked with Planteria News to arrange a “Breeder of the Month” feature on Martine Tellwright. You can read it here.

PFE also uses social media – we have a presence on Twitter and Facebook. This is particularly useful for keeping in contact with journalists. And, of course, there is this blog, which people use to find out the latest news from PFE HQ.

If you would like to know how we can help you with your plant, please contact us.

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