PFE announces Helen Spencer joins the company

Helen Spencer

Plants For Europe is delighted to announce that Helen Spencer has joined the company.

Helen will have broad responsibilities within the company, but will particularly focus on promoting and supporting varieties in the PFE portfolio to existing and new licensees, as well as directing buyers of young plants to licensed suppliers. This is part of PFE’s aim to support licensees and breeders by promoting varieties in the market place, highlighting the benefits of each one and encouraging more growers to switch to the superior varieties that we manage.

Helen brings a wealth of experience to the business. She has had successful careers in both B2C and B2B sectors. She has previously worked as a buyer for a major British fashion chain; as product manager for a business magazine; as project manager for an online retailer; and also in the field of light manufacturing. Her warm and friendly nature coupled with her ability to cut through to the key issues will improve PFE’s ability to serve its customers, both licensees and breeders.