Crime doesn’t pay

Here’s an interesting news story.

Consider carefully the court’s judgement. The infringer has been selling a PVR-protected plant variety under false identity. The court has found in favour of the rights owner. As punishment, the infringer must pay compensation (to be determined), the infringing crops must be destroyed immediately and details of the case are to be published in the trade press.

So, infringing PVR not only costs you cash, it costs your plants and costs your reputation.

Is it a price worth paying?

Be assured, that PFE will work with breeders to take appropriate action against any infringement of PFE-managed varieties. You’d be daft to risk it.

Moving with the times

We had a small ceremony here yesterday, and permanently “retired” our fax machine after nearly ten years of service. We haven’t received a fax for a very long time and we can put the desk space to better use.

From now on, if you need to send us a document, please scan it and send it to us as an email attachment.