Philadelphus Starbright wins Which? award

Philadelphus Starbright

Philadelphus Starbright, bred at the Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanic Garden in St. John’s, Newfoundland, has been given a Five Star Award by British consumer magazine Gardening Which?

Gardening Which? only gives such awards after garden trials at their test location in Enfield on the Hertfordshire/Essex borders. Their trials are totally independent and are not sponsored by growers or breeders.

Todd Boland of MUNBG said “We are delighted with the honour!”

Starbright has attractive foliage, especially the young growth and calyces which are very dark, nearly black, and highlight the pure white flowers. The flowers are not only beautiful, but are also highly fragranced. We are lucky enough to have a mature plant of Starbright by the PFE HQ, and the scent when this plant is in flower stops everyone in their tracks!

Plants are available from Darby Nursery Stock and we thank them for supplying the trial material to Gardening Which?

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