Don’t be stupid!

Some days, we’re just astonished by the stupidity of people in our industry.

What sort of idiot sends out 9cm plants of green Euphorbia martinii labelled as Ascot Rainbow?? In this case, the customer knew exactly what they wanted, had grown the variety before and was familiar with what to expect from Ascot Rainbow.

So, you can imagine their surprise when these plants turned up (and you can clearly see “Ascot Rainbow” on the label).

certainly not Ascot Rainbow

And, just in case you needed convincing, here’s a picture of genuine Ascot Rainbow. There really should not be any confusion, should there?

definitely genuine Ascot Rainbow

We will be contacting the supplier and giving them a serious dressing down. We want to find out if these came from a licensed producer or if they are being distributed illegally. If illegal, then they can expect appropriate action. If a licensee, then they will be under threat of the cancellation of their licence.

Growers and distributors should be aware that we simply will not tolerate this sort of behaviour with our varieties – and we are not afraid of naming and shaming in the press if we find repeat offenders.

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